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viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2008

The Crooked Man


there once was a crooked man..
who lived in a crooked house...
with a crooked smile...
with a crooked mouse...upon a crooked hill....
in a far off crooked land...

wanting nothing more...
than to be staight as he can.
then one day,a magic fairy appeared.
and promised to end all he had feared.
fix me cried the crooked man and life will be swell.
straighten my crooked back and all will be swell.

i can grant you this wish...
but there is a price to pay.

please hurry cried the crooked man and no more delay.
then with a wave of his hand,there was a mighty crack and there stood the crooked man with a straight back.
and for mere seconds numbering five
the crooked man was wdeed the happiest man alive.

but the price of this miracle wasnot so divine.
for with the process..
it had broken his spine.
five fleeting seconds of life erectified
when sadly to say the crooked man died...

[the mortal is obvious in this tale of life
be careful what you ask
you might get what you wish for....]

proximamente en castellano xD

sigue bajando, la siguiente entrada también es de hoy ^^

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Ayrim dijo...

Me suena de haber visto antes este poema... en alguna de las muchas asignaturas de literatura de la carrera. Pero vamos, que cuando escribi mi texto, no me inspire en ningun otro texto, si no en lavavajillas, hechos cotidianos y cadenas xD